Our multidisciplinary consortium

COVend brings together 17 partners from 13 different countries countries. The consortium includes clinicians from the internal medicine, infectiology and intensive care, experts in ICT (smart tools, data analytics and modelling), cell biology, biomarkers and other areas. It comprises 9 hospitals with sufficiently large patient numbers to conduct the proposed ph II/III trial and for-ward-thinking medical doctors from Central, North, South, West and notably East Europe, 3 SMEs with one owning full rights and freedom to operate to further develop FX06 (F4-Pharma), the second developing AI-based open-source software architectures and tools (MiDa) and the third SME partner specialised EU project management and outreach (accelCH). Their expertise is complemented by four academic groups with expert knowledge in biomarkers and clinical trial management (Fraunhofer), endothelial cell assessment (UCD), predictive modelling and decision-support tools (TAU) and socio-economic analyses (UMCG). Finally, ESAIC, acting as an A-CRO for the sites locally, represents approx. 200,000 clinical staff all over Europe. Hence, our public private partnership covers all key stakeholder groups and has all the required expertise, experience, and capacity to make a step change in the treatment of COVID-19 patients and deliver a new biomarker and AI-enhanced therapy – FX06.

Frankfurt, Germany​

The Department of Anaesthesiology, Intensive Care Medicine and Pain Therapy (KAIS) at Goethe University supplies all operative areas of the University Hospital Frankfurt (UHF) as its central facility with 1,500 beds, monitoring wards and taking care of other specialist intensive care. Pharmaceutical research is one of four main research pillars at GUF.

KAIS website Internal Medicine Center website

Zurich, Switzerland​

accelopment assist in EU project management, dissemination and exploitation. Their core activities include professional EU project administration, consortium organisation and communication, financial management and reporting, the facilitation of dissemination of results to stakeholders, and supporting the exploitation of project results.

accelCH Website

Brussels, Belgium​

The European Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care is the largest professional community of anaesthesiologists in Europe covering 97 countries in Europe and over 10,000 members worldwide. They offer established educational activities and regularly produce guidelines and reports concerning patient safety and quality of care.

ESAIC website

Frankfurt, Germany​

The Fraunhofer Institute for Translational Medicine and Pharmacology ITMP investigates and develops innovative ways of early detection, diagnosis and treatment of diseases resulting from impaired function of the immune system. Innovation areas include Disease Models, 4D Clinic, OM-ICS-Technologies, Pharmaceutical Technology, and Proof-of-Concept & Clinical Studies.

Fraunhofer ITMP website

Vienna, Austria​

The SME F4 Pharma is a bio-pharmaceutical company established 2020 in Vienna. The company aims to convert high impact scientific discovery into pharmaceutical products for orphan diseases with high medical need. They develop and commercialise pharmaceuticals targeting capillary leak syndrome and systemic inflammation.

F4-Pharma website

Tampere, Finland​

The Personal Health Informatics Group at Tampere University studies and develops solutions through data science which aim to personalize care. The technical research areas include mobile health, health monitoring technologies, data mining, decision support systems, machine learning, bio-medical data analysis and interpretation, computational modelling and data visualisation.

TAU websiteFaculty of Medicine and Health Technology​

Dublin, Ireland​

Systems Biology Ireland investigates new therapeutic approaches to disease on a systemic level using a combination of traditional wet-lab experimental analyses with computational modelling and simulation. The Eissner Group’s focus is on endothelial and mesenchymal stem cells in transplant medicine and oncology, i.e. the monitoring and preventing endothelial-specific adverse immunological reactions in transplant settings.

UCD website | Systems Biology Ireland​

Groningen, The Netherlands​

The University Medical Center Groningen combines fundamental and patient-orientated clinical research. The Department of Health Sciences is leading the research in social-economic medicine, public health and global health economics issues. Their Global Health unit focuses on international education and research including health economics of infectious diseases’ control.

UMCG website | Department of Health Sciences​

Frankfurt, Germany​

Medical Intelligent Data Analytics is a software company that offers services ranging from conception and software development to the operation of components and systems. The company specializes in the fields of information technology, pharmaceuticals, medicine, and medical technology.

MiDa website

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