University Medical Center Groningen, Department of Health Sciences​

The University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) is one of the largest hospitals in the Netherlands and the largest employer in the Northern part of the Country. More than 10000 employees are dedicated to provide patient care and cutting-edge scientific research, focused on ‘healthy and active ageing’. The UMCG combines fundamental and patient-orientated clinical research. The interaction between these two stimulates the development of new clinical and research opportunities. UMCG is the Netherlands’ largest transplantation center and is one of the few hospitals in the world capable of performing every type of organ and tissue transplantation.  The Department of Health Sciences in UMCG is leading the research in social-economic medicine, public health and global health economics issues. One of its units, Global Health (headed by Prof Maarten J Postma as professor of Global Health Economics), is focusing on international education and research including health economics of infectious diseases’ control. The unit has rapidly expanded from a staff of six employees to a group of 20 temporary PhD’s and postdocs, collaborating with many global health experts in clinical departments of hospitals, universities and beyond (with co-operations in Eastern Europe, Indonesia, Myanmar, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Brazil and Vietnam).

Role within COVend

Lead of WP7: Socio-economic impact and cost-effectiveness analyses (HTA). Evaluate FX06 from a health economic perspective and identify relevant policies and barriers affecting the feasibility of its implementation.

Dr Thea van Asselt

WP8 lead

Health economist

Prof Dr Maarten Postma

Professor Global Health Economics

Dr Marinus (René) van Hulst

Head of Pharmacy at Martini Hospital / Associate Professor Global Health Technology Assessment at UMCG

MSc Clazinus Veijer

PhD student