Media Corner

Outreach kit


The two COVend posters explain the technology behind the project in detail are mainly targeted at a medical and scientific audience but also serve as a project overview for a non-expert audience.


A poster prepared by Zhiran Wang and the UCD & SBI team presents their findings on mimicking the inflammatory response of COVID-19 in endothelial cells and FX06 reducing the harmful effects of the cytokines on the cells.


A poster prepared by Clazinus Veijer highlights the results from a systematic review on various methodological characteristics of model-based economic evaluations of COVID-19 treatments conducted by the UMCG team.

Roll-up banner

This COVend roll-up contains all key facts about the project, including links to the project's communication channels.

Factsheet ENG/DE

This project factsheet informs about the background, objectives, main concept of the project. Available in English and German.

Press release

The first COVend press release presents the background and objectives of the project and announces it to a broad audience.