F4-Pharma GmbH​

The SME F4 Pharma is a bio-pharmaceutical company established 2020 in Vienna. The company aims to convert high impact scientific discovery into pharmaceutical products for orphan diseases with high medical need. They develop and commercialise pharmaceuticals targeting capillary leak syndrome and systemic inflammation.

Role within COVend

Consortium partner F4 Pharma is developing an innovative drug called FX06 in diseases associated with systemic inflammation and capillary leak. With its new mode of action – not comparable to any drug on the market – FX06 is targeting a fundamental mechanism within the endothelial cells of the blood vessels thus restoring and maintaining physiological permeability. A ph II study with FX06 in ARDS patients is in the center of the COVend project and data from these patients – in combination with in vitro investigations – serve as basis for elucidation of the molecular mechanism behind ARDS.

Petra Wülfroth Ph.D

Innovation Manager of the COVend consortium

F4-PharmaChief Scientific Officer 

Work package leader of WP2: FX06 preparation for clinical trial (CMC Chemistry, manufacturing & control)