Tampere University, Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology​

The Personal Health Informatics Group at Tampere University studies and develops solutions through data science which aim to personalize care. The technical research areas include mobile health, health monitoring technologies, data mining, decision support systems, machine learning, bio-medical data analysis and interpretation, computational modelling and data visualisation.

Role within COVend

COVend collects a wide variety of sources will such as omics, vital signs, and open registry data of the patients receiving FX06 and placebo. Tampere University’s role is to explore this data and apply advanced unsupervised clustering methods to characterize the patients. Based on this characterization, supervised artificial intelligence (AI) will be used to train machine learning models. These models will provide new insights into patient properties and recommend best known, personalised methods to treat the patient.

Alpo Värri

Project Leader

Research Director, Faculty of Medicine and health Technology in Tampere University

Antti Kallonen

Project Manager


Mark van Gils

Group Leader of the Research Group Decision Support for Health

Professor of digital healthcare, TAU