Research & Innovation

OMICs technologies

The OMICs-guided biomarker profiling performed in COVend will provide a profound understanding of the interplay between the systemic inflammation of the endothelium caused by SARS-CoV-2 infection and the – also systemic – action mode FX06. Recent publications demonstrate the effectiveness of OMICs technologies (including proteomics, metabolomics and lipidomics) in the research on COVID-19, emphasising the tremendous changes and complexity on the molecular level in infected patients.

Endothelial protection mechanisms

Primary human pulmonary endothelial cells and an endothelial cell line will be incubated in the presence or absence of FX06. The inflammatory/immunological activation status of ECs will be tested in flow cytometric analyses and the ECs will also be investigated under shear stress conditions.


Artificial Intelligence

COVend’s initial modelling approach is based on automated characterisation of the study cohort using advanced unsupervised clustering methods. A wide variety of data sources will be integrated such as OMICs, vital signs, and open registry data. After patient characterisation analysis, a more directed supervised and semi-supervised approach will be used to train specific machine learning models for a discrete decision support target.

Clinical Trial

The clinical trial is at the heart of the work in COVend, to deliver FX06 as a viable therapy against COVID-19. This studies ensures that our medical research is effective and safe, and relies entirely on patients and healthy volunteers. Learn more about COVend’s clinical trial.