COVend Partners at University College Dublin Uncover Unique Cytokine Response in COVID-19

In the ongoing fight against COVID-19, COVend is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of scientific knowledge. Together with our partners at University College Dublin and Systems Biology Ireland, including Günther Eißner, Zhiran Wang, Vadim Zhernovkov, and Dmitrii Lebedev, we are delving into the complexities of this disease and its unique cytokine response compared to other critical illnesses. Recent findings have cast doubt on the commonly held belief that a “cytokine storm” plays a major role in COVID-19. In fact, the UCC’s research has shown that levels of interleukin-6, a key cytokine, are significantly lower in severe COVID-19 cases compared to other conditions such as cytokine release syndrome, sepsis, or acute respiratory distress syndrome. This lack of clarity highlights the urgent need to understand the molecular mechanisms of COVID-19-induced endothelins and the effectiveness of potential treatments such as FX06. Zhiran Wang’s research is pivotal in this context. By studying the impact of FX06 on endothelial cells in the unique inflammatory environment of COVID-19, we hope to uncover new therapeutic opportunities. But our work goes beyond finding a treatment. It is about comprehending a disease that behaves unlike any other. Zhiran Wang delves into the intricacies of this research and its implications in her enlightening blog post, available at this link.