COVend publication: “Reperfusion Injury: Mechanisms, Interventions, and Clinical Perspectives”

We are thrilled to announce the publication of “Reperfusion Injury: Mechanisms, Interventions, and Clinical Perspectives” by our esteemed partners Jan Kloka, Benjamin Friedrichson, Petra Wuelfroth, Rainer Henning, and Kai Zacharowski! This groundbreaking research delves into the complexities of reperfusion injury and offers valuable insights into potential interventions and future clinical perspectives. We invite you to take a look at the abstract below for a glimpse into the findings of this publication.


Reperfusion injury is a very common complication of various indicated therapies such as the re-opening of vessels in the myocardium or brain as well as reflow in hemodynamic shutdown (cardiac arrest, severe trauma, aortic cross-clamping). The treatment and prevention of reperfusion injury has therefore been a topic of immense interest in terms of mechanistic understanding, the exploration of interventions in animal models and in the clinical setting in major prospective studies. While a wealth of encouraging results has been obtained in the lab, the translation into clinical success has met with mixed outcomes at best. Considering the still very high medical need, progress continues to be urgently needed. Multi-target approaches rationally linking interference with pathophysiological pathways as well as a renewed focus on aspects of microvascular dysfunction, especially on the role of microvascular leakage, are likely to provide new insights.

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