A new therapy to prevent the 
progression of COVID-19

Biomarker and AI-supported FX06 therapy to prevent the progression from mild and moderate to severe stages of COVID-19
10 M €

The aim of the COVend Consortium is to deliver a new effective therapy against SARS-CoV-2 for the clinical management of the COVID-19 disease.

The COVend Consortium sets up to prevent COVID-19 progression to severe disease status by targeting endothelial dysfunction.

Some of the technologies involved in the process will be OMICs technologies for biomarker profiling, research on endothelial cell damage and AI for Data Analytics and modelling. 

From Ebola to COVID-19

Having cured a patient with Ebola, it was clear to Prof. Zacharowski that FX06 could also be beneficial against COVID-19.

Meet COVend partners

COVend involves partners from all over Europe, with a variety of clinical sites based in different European countries, enabling the delivery of FX06 as a promising candidate to prevent progression from mild & moderate to severe stages of COVID-19. Hear from some COVend partners and discover how COVend is making a difference today!


COVend presented at ISPOR Europe 2023

On the 13th of November, the consortium member of our partner institution UMCG, Clazinus Veijer, presented his poster “Lessons learned from model-based economic evaluations of COVID-19 treatments under pandemic circumstances: results from a systematic review ” at ISPOR Europe 2023. The poster highlighted results from a systematic review of various methodological characteristics of model-based economic evaluations of COVID-19 treatments.

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