COVend partners at EMBL Conference, EMBO Workshop: Building Networks 2024 in Barcelona, Spain

The EMBL Conference, EMBO Workshop: Building Networks 2024 took place in Barcelona, Spain on May 6-8, bringing together researchers, scientists, and experts in the field of vascular biology. The event aimed to foster collaboration, share cutting-edge research, and advance our understanding of vascular health. Our COVend partners from University College Dublin, Systems Biology Ireland, including Zhiran Wang, presented groundbreaking research on the Fibrin-derived Peptide FX06 Protecting Human Pulmonary Endothelial Cells Against COVID-19-Triggered Cytokines. Zhiran presented a dedicated poster on the research topic at the poster session. To learn more about the research conducted by the team at Systems Biology Ireland, we invite you to visit our Media Corner page and view Zhiran’s poster, available for download.
Zhiran shared her perspective on the event:
“The conference on vascular research was truly exceptional. The depth and breadth of topics covered left me with a newfound appreciation for this field. As someone who typically works with 2D cell samples, learning about 3D printing was particularly interesting. The potential for utilising this technology to create more complex and realistic models for my research was eye-opening.
The poster sessions were active and engaging, indicating the vast amount of fascinating research being presented and discussed. It was a great opportunity to learn about ongoing projects and connect with other researchers.
I was especially grateful for the chance to connect with researchers and receive valuable advice on my own PhD project. They suggested new approaches, and potentially interesting markers to investigate.
The tour of the EMBL lab was a highlight for me. Their techniques and methods align with my own, making the visit particularly relevant. It was exciting to see their state-of-the-art 3D printing lab, which, to me, suggests that they might be at the forefront of this technology.”
We extend our gratitude to all speakers, organisers, and attendees who made EMBO Workshop 2024 a success.

COVend researcher Zhiran Wang presenting her poster at the the poster session

EMBL Conference, EMBO Workshop Building Networks 2024